Everything You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal

We all have a special relationship with our hair, depending on our physical characteristics and the aesthetic codes we accept. For those who choose hair removal, several methods exist, one of the most advanced today is laser hair removal.

For a long time, laser hair removal was only available to a certain category of people (one of your stars on Instagram certainly uses it), as the prices for sessions were out of reach for the average people. But in recent years, we’ve seen a drop in its price and democratization. Here’s everything you need to know about this method, and especially the trendy options.

How does it work?

Unlike other hair removal methods that pull out the hair, laser hair removal aims to eliminate the hair at its root. The hair is attacked by a “laser beam” (wavelength). This beam is absorbed only by the hair’s melanin so as not to damage the skin itself. The light coming from the ray is absorbed by the melanin of the hair up to the hair bulb, which makes the hair grow.

The generated heat damages the germinal cells. As a result, the treated area will no longer be able to produce hair. Laser hair removal is a medical procedure and must therefore be performed by or under the supervision of a dermatologist. It should also be noted that this method is ineffective on blond or red hair, as they are devoid of melanin and do not absorb the laser beam. But all skin types can use the laser for hair removal.

Some information and precautions to take

Here are some important information and precautions to take before a hair removal session with a laser hair remover:

  • Make sure you understand the protocol: principle, risks, undesirable effects, number of sessions and duration of treatment…
  • Shave on the day of the session (Laser and wax are not good friends. Waxing rips out the hair right down to the bulb, the laser is no longer effective, as it no longer has a target to attack ;),
  • Protect yourself from the sun before the hair removal session and generally during the treatment,
  • Several sessions will be necessary over a year,
  • From the very first session, the benefits can be appreciated: slow regrowth, reduction then disappearance of ingrown hairs,
  • Small redness may appear and last less than 2 days. In case of pain, itching and for any question after a session: do not hesitate to contact the Center and consult one of our laser doctors.
  • Prepare your budget. Laser hair removal is a long-term investment. The prices indicated are the price of one session. The number of sessions is indicative because each person is different and the results depend on each person’s biology. As a general rule, it is preferable to stop the treatment when you no longer see progress.
  • Spend time because the sessions last between 20 minutes (bikini line) and 1 hour (legs + bikini line), the technological evolution and the most recent lasers (2022) are faster and more efficient, which allows reducing the duration of the sessions.
  • Your comfort during the session will be improved thanks to the application of an anesthetic cream 1h30 to 2h before the session.

Fashionable preferences in the use of laser hair removal

This method of permanent hair removal is becoming more and more known and appreciated. The laser is no longer reserved for a specific category of people. Certain areas of the body are more in demand for laser hair removal.

  • The fuzz on the upper lip or chin: To radically reduce hairiness, the laser is a preferred option for a growing number of people. Already, its results can satisfy people who perceive their facial hair as unsightly. Also, unlike razors, it does not make the hair rougher and the skin darker. No more pimples after shaving either
  • Forearms and legs. The preference of the laser for these areas is also notable. Some people have exaggerated hair growth and do not feel comfortable in their bodies. With the laser, they have a solution to live better in their body. The arms and legs are areas that are regularly exposed and relatively sensitive. Repeated hair removal, whether with a blade or wax, causes discomfort that the laser can alleviate.
  • The bikini area is very sensitive. And preferences vary, with some people preferring to keep their whole hair while others want to be smooth. It is important to take into account the definitive nature of this hair removal, as there is no going back.