How to Create an Email Marketing Strategy

Are you ready for an email marketing strategy that works?

Email Marketing

This will allow you to engage and nurture your leads successfully.

Encourage more members of your audience to make a sales inquiry.

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I can help you if you to find the right tips

These 15 tips will help you create an email marketing strategy that gets your emails opened, clicked and read.

1. Use an email autoresponder

An email autoresponder is essential if you want to be strategic and develop a successful email marketing strategy.

There are many reasons behind this, including the fact that it will benefit you:

  • Respect privacy laws regarding subscriptions
  • You can improve deliverability to ensure you don’t get lost in the spam folder.
  • Segment your list and track it for targeted communications
  • Automate your emails to save time and increase your results

There are many email autoresponders on the market, but I recommend that you start with ActiveCampaign and Convertkit.

A system like MailerLite may be more affordable if you have a tight budget.

2. Quality list growth is the key focus

Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to growing your email lists.

You can improve the quality and quantity of your email lists and attract qualified leads by creating lead Magnets with relevant content for your ideal clients.

Create content that is in line with the services you offer.

Promote your business on the platforms where your ideal customers are already present.

You’ll need to periodically clean out your email list and remove any cold subscribers. This will help you keep your list active.

3. Maintain a consistent schedule

You must tell your subscribers that you will send them your emails at regular intervals.

It is a good idea to email your subscribers on the same day and at the same time every week. This will help remind them who you are and what your specialties are.

You run the risk of being forgotten if there are significant gaps between when content is sent and when it’s received.

People will unsubscribe more often if they forget who you really are.

4. Automated email sequences can be set up

Automated email sequences are a key component of an effective email marketing strategy. They help potential clients move along their buying journey.

These are strategically placed to nurture and warmup your leads. They can be used in a sales funnel to invite your list into another nurture activity, such as a challenge and webinar.

The most common email sequences for service businesses include:

Welcome email sequence: sent to the first person to sign up for your list

A sequence of sales emails: which is part of a promotion or launch

A nurturing email sequence: which is sent to someone after they download a particular opt-in

Automated sequences can also be freed up time so you can concentrate on more important tasks.

5. Be consistent with your content pillars

Your emails should be opened and read if you want them to open.

Therefore, I recommend that you choose 5-8 content pillars or topics that you will write about consistently.

Although it may seem boring, writing about the same topic can help you position yourself as an expert and build your credibility.

Subscribers will get the same benefits they expected and are more likely to continue on your mailing list.

6. Create email list segments

You may need to appeal to more than one type of audience.

This is common, for example, in the recruitment industry (where there are candidates and clients), real estate (where buyers and sellers), and interior design (where clients, suppliers and builders)

You will need to strategize your subscribers list to send targeted communications to each segment.

You will get better results and more relevant responses from the people you are communicating with when you target your communications.

7. Tag subscriber behaviours

You will include links in your emails with a call-to-action, asking subscribers to take the next steps.

You can also tag your subscribers when they open emails or click on specific links when you use an email autoresponder

This tag capability allows you to send targeted content or trigger email sequences based on the link clicked.

When you send out sales emails, tags are also very useful. You can use the tags for determining which leads are your most warm.

8. Personalise your communication

Email marketing is such an individual form of communication that it is essential to use the first name of someone when communicating.

This makes it seem like you’re writing to one person, and not to all your contacts.

Also, I recommend that you avoid using words like “hey everyone”, or I wish you all a wonderful day.

This makes it seem like you’re communicating with more than one person.

9. Keep to one topic

It can be overwhelming to ask people for too many tasks in emails.

People who are overwhelmed tend to not take action when they feel overwhelmed.

To get better click-through responses, keep your emails to one topic.

Consider how to break down multiple messages into several emails that can be sent over the course of a few days.

You can also link people through your email to another step that has more information.

10. Link back to your site

A great strategy to generate more leads is to send people back directly to your site.

This strategy works because it is possible to have a booking page or inquiry form on your website.

The more visitors that you strategically send to your site, then the greater chance you have of generating sales enquiries.

You can also capture the details of your Facebook followers if your site has a tracking pixel. This will allow you to create custom audiences for your retargeting activities.

11. Write enticing subject lines

You must pay attention to the subject lines of your emails when creating an email marketing strategy.

This alone can make all the difference in how many people open your emails and read them.

It’s not enough to send an email to someone. You have to compete with all the other mail they have.

Your subject line is a great way to make your email stand out and grab attention.

12. Make sure the copy is easy-to-scan

These days, many people check their email on their smartphones and scan it instead of reading.

You’ll need to break down large blocks of text using bold sub-headings or bullet points.

You can also add images and countdown timers to break up the text.

Your copy should be formatted in HTML text, not embedded in an image. Many email apps don’t automatically download images so your email copy might not be seen.

13. Add an email signature

Two things can be achieved by adding an email signature.

First, you’ll remind your subscribers about who you are as well as what you do.

It’s a second opportunity to promote your website or any message you want to send.

You can increase your chances of generating enquiries by directing people to your website. This is the best place people can reach you.

14. To grab people’s attention, use a PS

Some people scan emails quickly and skip to the bottom.

To grab their attention, make sure you include a postscript (PS), at the bottom of your email.

15. Analyze the data and metrics

Email marketing metrics are crucial as they will allow you to measure your success.

You can also determine the areas where your email marketing strategy may need to be adjusted to improve performance.

You will want to track the following key metrics:

Email open rates % (how often people open your email).

Click-through Rate % (how often people open your email and take action)

Subscriber Growth Rate (How many subscribers you have joining your list each week/month).

Unsubscribe Rate % (how many people opt out of your list)

You can improve your email open rates by focusing on the topics and subject lines that you write about.

You can improve your click-through rate by looking at the call to actions that you are using.

Finally, if your goal is to increase your subscriber base and decrease unsubscribes then you should focus on creating engaging and relevant content that will get your followers excited to hear from your.