15 Best Dog Breeds for Seniors

You’ve always wondered why grandma’s dog is often small, furry and very playful. Well it’s simple, the ideal dog for a senior citizen is according to us a small dog breed that will be calm but at the same time playful, that will need company and affectionate.


Discover with us the 15 breeds of dogs for a senior especially with a list designed for seniors looking for company with an adorable dog.

1. The Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire terrier

The Yorkshire terrier is a small grandma’s dog ideal for seniors who like to take care of their dog. The Yorkshire terrier is well-balanced, sociable, active but above all intelligent and affectionate. Ideal dog for a senior, it will be very affectionate with humans but very fearful or aggressive with other animals due to its hunting instinct. This dog has the particularity of adapting to any type of environment.

The Yorkshire terrier is a small dog that weighs on average 3.1 kilos when it reaches adulthood. Although it is a heavy-coated dog, it is one of the ideal dog breeds for an allergic person since it is a senior dog breed that sheds very little hair. Be careful, however, this ideal senior dog is a small dog that barks a lot. However, it is ideal for a single person since it will be very clingy with its family and will be easy to train.

2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a small dog for seniors that has all the qualities to live in perfect harmony with a pet. Born of English nobility, this dog is one of the favorite dogs of the French. Its affectionate and very sociable character makes it an ideal grandma’s dog for people who like to play with their small dog. Indeed, this breed does not tolerate solitude and perceives the emotions of its guardians very well.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel measures between 6 and 8.2 kilos in adult age, both male and female, and measures 30 to 33 centimeters.

3. Miniature Schnauzer

The Miniature Schnauzer is an ideal dog for older people because of its cheerful, loyal character and its physical appearance of a grandmother’s dog with a beard. Indeed, its large eyebrows and its thick beard

This small dog belongs to the Schnauzer category and has a very courageous and dynamic character even if its size does not exceed 35 centimeters.

The Schnauzer is a dog for a rather active senior citizen since it needs a lot of exercise being an active dog breed. This small dog, originally from Germany, was originally used as a mouse hunter. The Schnauzer can be black, white or gray.