8 Habits Of Successful Bloggers

It takes time to start a blog and grow it. It takes more than just writing one blog post to make $5000 per month blogging. It’s important to make changes in your daily routine and create new habits. Here are 8 habits of successful bloggers that I have used to grow my blog in less than two years.

1. Wake up early

In 2018, nobody knew of this blog. It existed. It did exist. However, I found excuses to not do it. Biggest excuse? It’s too time-consuming right now.

My fastest growth was the year I made the decision to be a morning person. Then, I suddenly had the time. Even though I was still questioning everything I had done in the beginning, I started to create and promote my content more regularly. This became a daily habit that I followed.

2. Write in mornings

Two hours earlier than I needed to, I was able to create content when I was fresh. Not right before bed. It made a big difference.

I felt more focused, my thoughts were clearer, and I knew exactly what I wanted. The deadline of just two hours was a great motivator to complete what I was doing.

If you find yourself constantly making excuses for not having time to blog, then make your blog the first thing that you do during the day.

3. Take notes

Ideas will often come to you when you are writing a blog.

Take a break from talking to people or going on a walk before you go to bed.

Bloggers often use these ideas to create blog posts, product ideas, or promotional strategies.

Note them!

You can use your phone, a bullet journal, or a piece paper to put them in. You can easily keep track of ideas for blog posts and strategies without having to spend too much time researching or brainstorming. This can sometimes “eat” your entire day and make it miserable.

4. Do things you don’t like

Writing isn’t all you do when you start a blog. It’s shocking, I know.

It’s actually the 20% that takes the longest.

The rest of the work is to organize and plan your content, promote it, engage with your audience, think of new strategies to improve and grow your blog, find ways to monetize it without selling your soul, and do a lot of administrative tasks.

These are the things I don’t like to do. I don’t feel like doing SEO research, applying for affiliate programs, or doing promotion. It’s something I do anyway. Every day, I do something that I don’t enjoy.

This is not because I am a masochist. It’s because I know what I feel when I finish everything. I can do things that no one else can. If I fail to do them simply because I don’t feel like doing it, I know that I won’t see any progress. No progress is no bueno. Always strive for improvement.

5. Respective investing

Blogs are a great way to make some extra money while working for yourself. You don’t have to purchase equipment or produce products. Instead, your brain and the internet are making you money.

You must ensure that your blog has a solid foundation in order to grow. Three things are worth investing in: great hosting, an engaging WordPress theme, or a scheduler.

Personally, I use and recommend:

  • Siteground
  • Studiopress
  • Tailwind

Grammarly is another tool that I use. This automated proofreader helps me create better content much faster. It covers grammar, punctuation and formatting as well as synonyms.

6. Learning when you should take a break

It seems like having fun working from home in your pajamas is a lot of fun until you do it for a whole week.

Let’s not get into the part about being unable to motivate yourself and accomplish one thing. Instead, have 3 cups of coffee and then read 4 blogs on how to do it.

It’s hard to stop once you get in the flow of things.

There have been days when I couldn’t leave the computer at all from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Even though I needed to go pee. Finally, I would go to the bathroom and then return to the screen to stick myself for another 7 hours.

and I am writing about healthy living. Integrity? What’s that?

Because an older me was able to take care of myself, I felt uncomfortable telling others how to take care. It was something I felt I had to do again. The person who knows when it is time to stop, and who eats salad for lunch instead of coffee.

What I have started to do is set a timer. It is a great help. Even if it’s not the same moment, I know that in a few seconds I will be able to take a break.

This is a huge habit that will pay off in the long-term. It is not possible to rely on short bursts in productivity that are followed by weeks or even months of burnout. Learn how to set limits, and stick to them.

You will be able to stay consistent which is good for your mental and physical health, your family, your audience, and your blog.

7. Finishing is an act of commitment

The timer is back! Do not let blog posts and minor tasks take control of your life.

Sometimes we underestimate the time it will take to complete a task, but often we underestimate its complexity. We strive to make things perfect and are as helpful as we can.

Let’s get down to the essentials. Keep it brief and to-the-point. Next, edit it and send it to the rest of the world.

When I sit down to write a post or make pins for the week , one of my main goals is to get them done.

I do my best to complete the task within one hour. It can vary depending on the topic and how much research I have to do.

It is true that having a deadline and a goal of “I must finish this now” or “today” keeps me focused. This helps me make sure that there aren’t many half-written, brilliant articles that I don’t get to share.

8. There’s always more to be learned

Before I began blogging, I was grateful for the many jobs that I had. I learned a lot from them – how do you communicate, network, use cell cultures, how can you use a mass spectrometer and how to fold an umbrella properly. And how to make candles! ).

You’ll feel like you are on a crash course when you work for yourself. Particularly if you blog or work online. You can’t get comfortable with the pace of change. You must be flexible and willing to learn new things.

So embrace it! No matter what your life focus is, you will learn. Do not make excuses that you don’t know what to do to reach your goals or dreams. It’s possible to google it.

These wise words have compelled me to return to #6 & #7.